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In an arena known to be dominated by powerful special interest groups such as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA), Vitello Consulting (VC) has created a niche providing powerful advocacy strategies that are leveling the playing field for it’s wildlife clients on Capitol Hill.  Additionally, in 2014 VC began to offer state level advocacy that has negated most of the legislative and regulatory initiatives pushed by HSUS and PeTA in state capitols across the country.

Bloomberg Government ranked Vitello Consulting in the ‘Top 5’ Washington, D.C. government affairs firms that specialize in wildlife issues. —2016

Our philosophy at Vitello Consulting is very simple, every client deserves our full attention and commitment.  We provide the ability to quickly analyze, interpret and track new bills.  Our expertise engaging regulatory agencies, and providing “substantive” public comment has been invaluable to clients. Not only do we have the political and agency contacts to achieve positive outcomes, but we have a vast network to draw from should it be necessary to exercise some grass roots muscle.  Our state level success is unmatched anywhere.  There is no other firm in the country that can manage a multi-pronged government affairs strategy on a budget tailored to your needs.

HSUS vents frustration with Vitello client advocacy [VIDEO]

Video credit: Center for Zoo Animal Welfare

The video clip above was taken from a recent zoo animal welfare meeting where the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) invited officers from HSUS and other animal rights advocates to convince AZA membership that they should welcome a partnership between animal rights advocates and AZA zoos.  In the video, Nicole Paquette, VP for Wildlife Protection at HSUS, articulates her frustration with the effectiveness of VC client advocacy.

Ms. Paquette tells the story of how in Illinois, HSUS was forced to kill their own bill because of our advocacy efforts.  What she didn’t mention is that after she hired a high priced contract lobbyist, we engaged the committee the bill was before, and revealed that HSUS and their lobbyist had misinformed the committee regarding the bill and it’s impacts.  When confronted with the facts, committee members from both sides of the political aisle realized they had been misled. Subsequently the committee verbally reprimanded HSUS representatives at the committee hearing, and killed the bill right there.

Vitello Consulting has made it’s bones helping small interests navigate the halls of Washington D.C. and state capitols around the United States.  It is awesome when our opponents acknowledge our success. Keep in mind, we can help you with a plan that makes financial sense for your budget.

Andrew Wyatt is a government affairs and policy consultant that works exclusively in the wildlife sector.

WyattP1“Wildlife issues are highly charged and contentious. I specialize in articulating clear policy ideas and getting them in front of key decision makers. Please follow ‘The Last Word on Wildlife’ for insight and analysis particular to the 21st century wildlife sector. If you would like to discuss the potential advantages of creating a comprehensive business/government affairs strategy, or a more targeted issue campaign, please call or email me.” — Andrew Wyatt

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5 thoughts on “Vitello Consulting for the Win

  1. Your solicitations are impresive, but I have not seen or heard of your successes in California, New York, Hawaii, Washington, or Origon, concerning broad sweeping anti-ivory legislation that has desimated many small artist, vendors, and others. I remain, unimpresed. ALOHA from sunny Maui, the best island on the planet. bob

    • I appreciate your sentiments. There is not much question that there is no firm in a better position than Vitello to realize positive outcomes for antique ivory interests in multiple venues. We have extensive contacts in CA and NY. My boss is from NY and part of that political machine. I have written extensively on the policy and potential strategies to restore some kind of trade at the federal level (see the article I wrote for NatGeo). new technologies have been developed that could be a real game changer. That said, there isn’t much that can be done without a client. The ivory interests appear to be disparate and poorly organized consortium. We would welcome the opportunity to help improve the situation.

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