About Andrew Wyatt


Andrew Wyatt joined Vitello Consulting in 2013 after serving as CEO of non‐profit trade associations for almost a decade. In 2008, his passion for wildlife led him to become one of the founders of the United States Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK), the leading trade association in the United States advocating for the responsible trade of captive bred reptiles. As CEO of USARK, Andrew is credited with pioneering advocacy for herpetoculture, the captive propagation of high quality reptiles and amphibians. His work at USARK also included development of a large grassroots component known as the “Reptile Nation.” Today it is estimated that the reptile industry generates roughly $1.2 billion in annual revenues.

As a recognized expert in captive wildlife and wildlife conservation, the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, federal agencies, and state and municipal governments routinely call upon Andrew to provide advice, counsel and expert testimony. Andrew has also done extensive media on the subject matter and has been featured in both national print and radio throughout the last decade.

13 years of experience in the “nuts and bolts” of captive wildlife and conservation policy have given Andrew a solid foundation as an advocate in the wildlife sector. Superior writing and speaking skills underscore clearly thought out policy positions utilizing the best available scientific and economic data. Andrew’s specialty is communicating policy positions and molding opinions across a broad spectrum of media. He has had remarkable success engaging the most difficult of issues.

Andrew’s formative years drew him to politics at an early age. His grandfather was a State Representative in New Mexico and also served as the president of the NM Cattlemen’s Association. His father was a high‐ranking Army officer, whose final duty station was in Washington, D.C. Dinner table conversation “inside the beltway” consisted of geopolitical debate, and hosting important political figures and military brass was standard fare.

In his down time, Andrew is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys falconry and hunting dogs. He is also a fitness buff and has been engaged in the martial arts and endurance sports for many years.

Andrew serves on the Board of Directors of the non‐profit conservation organization, US Herpetoculture Alliance.