My Perspective on Cecil the Lion and Misguided Outrage

“An interesting perspective on lion conservation in Africa in the wake of the death of Cecil the lion.” ~ Andrew Wyatt


I have traveled and worked in over a dozen African countries in the zoo and wildlife industry for more than 35 years. Africa has fascinated me for as long as I can remember, and through my travels over the years, the fascination for Africa’s people and its wildlife is in my blood, making me feel as if I’m coming home every time I travel there.

To most Americans, Africa is referred to as a “country” rather than a huge complex continent encompassing every climatic zone, 56 countries, and well over 4,000 individual cultures. Due to this immense diversity, Africa’s wildlife conservation issues vary widely throughout the continent, with wildlife holding its own in some countries while suffering greatly in others.

There is no easy, one size fits all solution that’s works to fix the challenges facing wildlife’s survival. We here in the west tend to have an easy “solution” for…

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2 thoughts on “My Perspective on Cecil the Lion and Misguided Outrage

  1. Andrew: the killing of Cecil casts a wide shadow on all respectable hunters. Just like the ramifications of an escaped king cobra in Orlando. Totally irresponsible. The images of the dentist with all the animals he has killed is the image of this super macho guy who needs to kill in order to stroke his ego. If people could be hunted I bet he would be the first to get a permit.



  2. The Humane Society is not a conservation organization.
    Such loopy logic.
    We might as well castigate Save The Children as they also do not engage in conservation issues.
    But yes, humans most often act on emotion.
    The senseless extermination of of lion does. alas, tend to inflame emotion.
    Thanks God.
    Imagine a world where it did not.

    Once we evolve more fully we will learn to balance the head with the heart.
    And maybe stop killing creatures-and ourselves-simply for the fun of it.

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