IRF Statement on Hunt of Namibian Black Rhino

How conservationists believe one old black rhino bull can help save the species in Namibia. ~ Andrew Wyatt

The International Rhino Foundation Blog


  • While the International Rhino Foundation does not condone the hunt of a Namibian rhino bull under the permit auctioned by the Dallas Safari Club, it is legal under Namibian and United States law, as well as under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).
  • We respect Namibia’s efforts to maintain a healthy rhino population and raise money for the important work of conserving the species, even when its decisions are controversial.
  • The fate of one hunted rhino pales in comparison to the nearly 500 rhinos lost to illegal poaching in South Africa alone this year and to escalating poaching losses in Namibia and other range countries where rhinos once thrived but now are barely hanging on.
  • We stand to lose a century of rhino conservation success in Africa in the next few years if we can’t stop, or slow, rhino poaching now

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2 thoughts on “IRF Statement on Hunt of Namibian Black Rhino

  1. Andrew:

    Simply not a good example in the name of conservation. Hunting is already under the “gun” by different groups. I fully support hunting for consumption but not to kill an animal to hang its head on a wall. Our freezer has venison in it much of the year. My son is the hunter in the family. But he also pointed out to me last night the situation about the black rhino and was heavily critical of it. Many times, image is everything.


    Elliott ________________________________

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