Safari Club Success – SCI Litigation & Bamberger Ranch Help the Three Amigos

“The Safari Club International “walks the walk” by making direct investment in “Conservation through Captive Breeding.” ~Andrew Wyatt

4 thoughts on “Safari Club Success – SCI Litigation & Bamberger Ranch Help the Three Amigos

  1. It is gratifying that, for once, reason has trumped the emotions of those who will not understand that the Garden of Eden is lost forever. Hats off to the Bambergers and all those who donated their hours to achieve this victory. The battle is won, but I fear the war is not over.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Andy. It’s a great article. Finally, truth prevailed, at least for the moment.


    On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 5:09 PM, The Last Word wrote:

    > Andrew Wyatt posted: “”The Safari Club International “walks the walk” > by making direct investment in “Conservation through Captive Breeding.” > ~Andrew Wyatt”

  3. I agree that many of the conservation NGOs are not walking the walk regarding fiscal responsibility, but there is where my agreement with the sentiment of your post ends. We have had the hunting industry selling the public on the clever marketing scheme that hunters are conservationists for a long time. The truth is White men have been trophy hunting animals into extinction ever since they began colonizing the globe. I say White men, because it is by and large only White people who kill animals for the sake of blood; the sake of enjoying the kill. I’ve often asked what is with White people that drives them to feel the psychotic need to kill an animal with a gun for no reason other than to aim, shoot, kill, then pose and smile for picture of the bloody dead. There’s just no turn-on like seeing a fat, ugly, bald White guy with a cheesy grin holding the head of a bloody giraffe, lion, elephant or rhino. Yee-Haw!

    I’ll leave you with two links to interesting bedfellows between the most profitable industry in the history of mankind, the oil and gas industry, the National Rifle Association (NRA), and the Safari Club International (SCI).

    Hats off to the conservation work at Bamberger Ranch, because we all know rich White men can’t hunt for shit in reality. That is why they need the canned and caged hunts.
    Interesting bedfellows indeed.

    • Creewaterwoman, you are way over your head here.

      Hunting in Africa has saved the rhino and elephants from probable extinction. Your logic has been tried in Kenya, which now suffers from such poorly thought out, feel good efforts. Their hunting ban and game management model has resulted in decreased numbers of those animals they purport to protect.

      This ban is exacerbated by poaching. Game management, including hunting, benefits the villagers in the form of meat. Game officers fight a war on poachers, who literally steal the resources which could provide a better life to the local population.

      The rant about white men is hollow. You have no idea about the mindset of the typical hunter. The scimitar oryx were nearly extinct until the ranchers of Texas almost singlehandedly stopped their demise. Right now their are more black buck in Texas than in India, their native land. The garden of eden approach to hands-off wildlife management does not work. There is only so much habitat. When the numbers exceed the carrying capacity of the land, hunting is the best way to limit numbers. Responsible stewards can decide how many to take, and which sex is needed to be thinned in numbers.

      A narrow-minded approach like yours, where you operate on personal attacks and self righteous feelings, is of no worth at all to the endangered animals you believe you are championing.

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