Has the Endangered Species Act become immune to amendment?

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The powers of Congress are limited by the US Constitution, not the Endangered Species Act. ~Andrew Wyatt

April 29, 2014 | Jonathan Wood

DishonMikrai002An animal rights group has filed a lawsuit arguing that the Endangered Species Act — which is itself constitutionally suspect — limits Congress’ powers, i.e. Congress cannot legislate on endangered species issues unless that legislation would be consistent with the ESA. This absurd proposition has already been rejected by that bastion of anti-environmentalism: the Ninth Circuit, which recently characterized the protection of endangered species as the “highest priority” under federal law.

The subject of the most recent controversy is a permit exemption for exotic hunting ranches, which finance populations of species that are endangered or extinct in the wild through regulated hunting. This fantastically successful model for species conservation has been consistently attacked by animal rights groups. A few years ago, 60 Minutes produced a piece on this success and interviewed those on both sides of the political and legal fight. Lest you have any doubt that the opposition isn’t about species conservation, the leader of the animal rights group is asked directly whether she would rather see these species go extinct than be saved in this way.

And she said yes!

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One thought on “Has the Endangered Species Act become immune to amendment?

  1. Never underestimate the depth to which a liberal will sink in the attempt to get his way.

    Keep up the good fight.


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