New Lawsuit Challenges Three Antelope Provision

“An animal rights organization desperate to stop endangered species conservation in Texas has filed suit to block the recently passed 2014 Approporiations Act.” ~Andrew Wyatt

First For Hunters

damaGazellefirstforhunters012914 Friends of Animals has just filed yet another lawsuit to thwart conservation of U.S. populations of scimitar-horned oryx, dama gazelle and addax (three antelope).  This latest suit challenges the constitutionality of Section 127 of the 2014 Appropriations Act , passed by Congress and signed by the President in January.  Section 127 directs the Secretary of the Interior to reissue a 2005 regulation that made it unnecessary for U.S. private owners of the three antelope species to apply for and obtain individual permits to allow the hunting of members of their herds.  In 2009, a federal district court determined that the 2005 regulation violated the Endangered Species Act and directed the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to withdraw the rule.  Section 127 provides the FWS with new statutory authority to reissue the 2005 rule.

Friends of Animals claims that Section 127 will have an effect on pending litigation and therefore violates…

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One thought on “New Lawsuit Challenges Three Antelope Provision

  1. It’s good to have some rational news on the wildlife front. Texas has more black buck antelope than India, and if not for conservationists and their ranches, this animal may have been wiped out. The Garden of Eden approach by animal rights groups is a mindless attempt to stifle the very actions which save endangered species. Without the hunting of elephants, poaching and habitat destruction would have devastating effects on the wild African populations. Sitting in an office and crying for animals does them no good. Thanks to SCI and the rational minds that prevailed in this legislation.

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