U.S. Confronts Wildlife Trafficking With Ivory Trade Ban

“Yesterday the White House issued a new National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking. Will US law help avert the world wide crisis in the poaching of elephants and rhinos as funding tools for terrorism and organized crime syndicates?” ~ Andrew Wyatt

Science & Space

Wildlife trafficking—the illegal killing of endangered animals and international trade in their parts—isn’t just a conservation problem. It’s a worldwide threat, one tied to global crime syndicates and international terrorism. So it’s good to see the U.S.—the second-biggest market for legal and illegal ivory after China— beginning to take the problem more seriously.

Today the White House issued a new National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking, strengthening domestic and global enforcement of wildlife trade laws while working with international partners to combat the global poaching trade. Just how effective this new strategy is will depend on budgeting and enforcement, although it’s worth noting that last year President Obama issued a $10 million executive order to cut wildlife trafficking in Africa, and recently budgeted $45 million to foster international co-operation against poaching.

But the White House also announced a ban on the commercial trade of elephant ivory, something that will have…

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